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Need help understanding Pattern

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20 minutes ago, Granny Square said:

Still thinking about this...Just in case there's a row of squares I can't see in your photo...

3 lace, 3 solid = 3x8=24" + 3x6=18"=42"

3 solid, 3 lace = 3x6=18" + 3x8=24"=42"

Hopefully this is the case.

edit - if so.....

If there are 3 of each type of square in each panel (so 42" for each strip)...I'm thinking it's odd to have 10 loops in the 6" side and 10 loops also in the 8 inch side.  One would be scrunched, the other spread out.

1 of each square, as a 'set', would be 14".  They wanted 10 loops in each square, so 20 loops over 2 squares...14" divided by 20 loops is .7 of an inch.  So, that paper ruler every 3/4 of an inch is going to work, but you're going to have some of the stitches spread a little bit farther here and there since you're measuring the nearest stitch, if there's a tie you'll want to pick the further stitch most times.


OK, I just re-measured my squares and they are:

Afghan stitch squares are 6 1/2 x 6 1/2

Lace squares are 8 1/2 x 6 1/2 wide

Length of all five panels wound up 48 1/2", Width = 6 1/2 "

On the front cover of instructions the lace squares look longer so I went with it. If there is a mountain to climb, I will find it.

Hopefully my tension will improve...

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Ok, all 5 panels are 48.5", good. Whew. The important thing is each panel side should have the same amount of loops, so they match up when you connect them.

Now let's re-do all the math.  The original squares were supposed to by 5.5" square, and have 10 loops in the side.

Not even gonna get the calculator out here, I'd go with a loop every half inch, so you don't have to make your own paper ruler. So 2 loops for every inch, times 48 inches is 96 loops, plus 1 for the last half inch=97 loops along each side.

BUT, if your gauge is the issue...you could space them further apart if you want, maybe keep with the 3/4" if you think it looks better.  just keep all the loop counts the same for all the strips.

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Tore it all out, all five panels. I started my first attempt at baby booties in December 2017. I finished  the first bootie December 9, 2018. The second bootie was finished today--December 30, 2018. I tried posting to the correct forum but it was highlighted in gray and would not let me create a New Topic.




30 December 2018_My Booties From Hell.jpg

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