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Greetings from Morocco

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Hi everyone,

I'm Halimah. I'm an Australian ( from Melbourne ) living an expat life in Morocco (North Africa) I began crocheting at the age of 7, taught by my Grandma. I'm now 59.  

Since retiring and moving here to my husband's home town, I have more time to crochet which has gotten me through some bouts of homesickness. 

I love making amigurumi. I make lots of winter woollies for the kids in the local orphanage, and hats for the Oncology ward at the children's hospital. 

Since leaving Australia I have no local crochet friends to hang out with, so am looking forward to connecting with new friends here who share my passion.

keep hooking,

Halimah xxx

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Halimah you are never alone here.. You are so sweet to be crocheting for children. They are blessed to have you. If you ever need a friend you can message me :)

I am Nina from Peterborough, Ontario. We have four children and nine grandchildren.. I am 53 yrs young and been crocheting and knitting for a bit over ten yrs. 

Love Nina Witteveen

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