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cupcake purse-next generation


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I have 7 children, 4 of whom are girls. Two girls are 21 and 18, and the other two are 4 and 2. I had made cupcake purses years ago for my older 2. My 21 year old had kept hers and given it to our 4 year old. It remains consistently popular with my 4 year old for the last year or so, and the 2 year old desperately wants it. So...I told my 4 year old I was going to make her little sister one so she wouldn't keep wanting hers all the time. the 4 year old gets suuuper offended and says, no mom! You can make ME a new one and she can have the old one. :) 
   So we go to the store and she picks out this rainbow color. I sit down to start making the bottom, which should be the tan cupcake color, and she comes up to me and says what are you doing?!? I explain I am starting the bottom of the cupcake purse. She cries NO! The whoooole thing has to be rainbow. *sigh* :)
    So, here is Ana's rainbow cupcake purse.


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