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Gingham Placemats

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My old placemats were faded and starting to unravel.  They were dark blue, light blue and white.  I went to make new ones, but no Light or dark blue.  So I went looking for something I would like.  Ended up with celery, Christmas Green and white.  I was worried, but they turned out good and have brightened up the table.

I did discover I have a lot of variegated cotton.  Have to start looking for patterns for those, as I refuse to buy more.

Here are the placemats.  I made 3.


New Gingham set  (1).JPG

New Gingham set  (2).JPG

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Thank you all.  I was hesitant about putting those green together, but I did not have any light green or baby green, so it was the best combo I could find.  I thought about putting hunter, Christmas green and white, but thought it would be to dark.

Yes, you carry the colors you are using along the rows and the one you drop you crochet over when you get to that row, till it is time to use it.

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Your placemats are so cheerful! I LOVE the colors and anything gingham. I think that seeing your placemats have given me just the little nudge that I need to make a set for my own table.

I’ve had this pattern for quite some time but haven’t attempted it.

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