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I am crocheting a baby “pixie” hat.  The stitches are Row 1 SC, Row 2 FPSC, Repeat 

sounds easy enough but when I do a row of FPSC I always lose 1 stitch and I don’t understand why.  Can you help?  Thanks!

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Hmm.  When you do a post stitch, you (normally) skip the top of the stitch that you make the post around because otherwise you GAIN  a stitch, because you've 'used' that stitch by making a post around it.  All I can think of, is are you somehow skipping 2 stitches?.  

When you do FP stitches, the unused stitch tops are in the back of the work.  You should be able to (theoretically) see anomalies easily by looking at the back, depending on how complex the pattern is.  If you are alternating between 1 normal and 1 post stitch, every other stitch top should be exposed in the back for instance.

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