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Bernat Twinkle Little Star Help


Hoping somebody can help.  I am trying this pattern http://www.yarnspirations.com/on/demandware.static/-/Sites-master-catalog-spinrite/default/dw6d218def/PDF/BRC0202-002792M.pdf

I am really confused about the MC instructions, particularly with beg row 3 where the chart comes in.  Do I do 2 dc in each stitch, or do I do 1dc in 2 stitches to make the “block”.  For the space, do I miss one dc for each space as in row 2, or do I just do ch1 1dc in each stitch?  I’m doing something wrong because I cannot keep the right count according to the chart after trying this several ways.  Sorry for the probably basic questions. I’ve never used a chart before and it’s a bit confusing to me.

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This is an eyelet pattern, where the star shape is made by chaining 1 and skipping 1 DC to make the eyelet holes.  Nowhere are you putting 2 stitches into 1--the stitch count stays the same in each row.  Also, the eyelets begin in row 2, not 3. 

Look at the key for the chart.  Each block on the chart is 2 stitches, either 2 DC (1 DC into each of 2 DCs in the row below) or chain 1, skip 1 DC in the row below and DC into the next DC.  See how the written directions for row 2 starts with 'DC in the next 6 DC--but looking at the chart there are 3 (not 6) grey blocks before the eyelet?  Each grey block is 2 DC.

I have a trick that helps me follow charts like this - I'm old-fashioned and print out my patterns, and I use another piece of paper or flat ruler to cover up the rows of the chart ABOVE the current row I'm working on (I use a clip board to keep the paper/ruler in place).  This way the squares that you can see in the chart match what you've already made--this helps as a double check to ensure you haven't strayed (I hope this makes sense).  This is a fairly simple shape, and the same in both directions so it may be a bit of overkill in this case, but it couldn't hurt.


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Thank you for replying!  Much appreciated.  I am still a bit confused.  In row 5 on the chart, for example, there is a grey square above a white square.  In this case, do I work 2dc in the space from the white square below?


 I’m not getting the right count at the end of my rows.  I do much better with visual tutorials but couldn’t find this one on youtube.

I should have also asked initially but I have been working in the dc spaces of the rows below.  Is that right?

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You're welcome!

Second question first - you will be working a DC either into a DC, or into a chain-1 space, depending.  You'd work a chain-1 'in the air' over a DC, the way the pattern is written (more on that below, about appearance of stitches made on front and back side and if you want to change that)

if there is a grey square (2 DC) over a white square (chain 1, DC 1) you'll work one of the DCs into a DC and the other DC into the chain space.  You could either insert the hook into the chain itself (I use the back loop when working into the chain), or stick the hook under the chain and work the DC around the chain.

I didn't want to get into this in my first response because I didn't want to confuse you, but...I am used to doing traditional filet which is graphed like your star, except with square grids because each grid is 3 stitches, either 3 dc or 2 chains and 1 DC.  I think this 2 stitch graph would mess me up because I'm used to reading the squares in a different way.  I think I'd probably re-graph it, honestly, to show each stitch versus squares of 2 stitches. - doing this might help you keep your stitch count better.  If you've printed this out, you could just take a pencil and draw 2 lines in each grey square (each line representing a DC), and a line and a dot in each white square (dot for the chain).  

Another thing that I didn't mention before because of potential confusion - you're working back and forth, so if you are looking at the front, the stitches made back side facing will appear to be going in the opposite direction, right?  So from the front, an eyelet square made with the front side facing is chain 1, DC reading right to left (the direction the front side is crocheted).  But an eyelet square made as chain 1, DC on the back side, when viewed from the front, appears as Dc, chain 1.  So if you have eyelet squares over eyelet squares, as in the middle of the star, a  column of stitches would be DC, chain, Dc, chain, etc. --  the eyelets (chains and DCs) are staggered, instead of being on top of each other.  Nothing wrong with this, in fact it probably looks better this way, but it might add to the count issues and 'where am I in the chart?' issues.  Maybe.  I'm just throwing this out there so you are aware of what you are looking at.  You could also choose to put the eyelets in a column if you want...not sure which would help you keep your place better, or looks better to you.

Another thought is to just re-write it, if you are more comfortable with written patterns.  Example, as row 2 is written out in the pattern already; the next 2 rows written out would be (ignoring turning chains)

Row 3: 6 dc, [ch1, DC] twice, 10 dc,[ ch1, dc] twice, 6 dc.

Row 4: 6 dc, [ch1, DC]3 times, 6 dc,[ ch1, dc] 3 times, 6 dc.

All I did was counted the squares and multiplied the grey ones by 2 for the DC stitch count, and described the white ones and gave the number of white squares for the repeat.

Good luck, I hope I didn't throw too much at you.

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