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Thank You FGM

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A big thank you to my other FGM in Florida who sent these sweet teddy bears for the caner kids at PCH.

Jeremy has his scans in July so they will be delivered then.

Many thanks on behalf of the kids I know will be so happy to receive these bears.


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I want to thank my FGM in MO.  I had posted on my wish list I needed a new cover for my box of tissues that sit next to my at my crochet chair.

The last one I had was confiscated for Ami Ville for Audrey the plant from Little shop of horrors.  I can not do plastic canvas, so I asked for one.

This is the beautiful cover I got in the mail the other day.  The first picture show the original cover.  The second picture shows the new one.

Thank you so much FGM it is beautiful.


raok 5-26-18 (3).JPG

raok 5-26-18 (5).JPG

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