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Help identifying stitch? (update: possible solution self found... no idea if im right or what its called)

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Hello everyone!  I would love some help trying to identify this stitch.  It was a project started by my late grandmother and I wanted to finish it in her place.  Unfortunately, my attempts so far look nothing like the rest of the work.  If anyone could help me out I would be very appreciative. 


If you need more info, Im not sure what more I can provide but I can try my best. I have attached photos of both sides of the work where it was left off. 



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It might be something like working SC in the front loop only, or alternating back loop and front loop.  Back loop only makes ribbing, but if I recall one or both of the first 2 makes a ridge like that.

Edit: link to  Front Loop Only , not quite the same.  

Edit again with swatch alternating rows done front and back loop...not it either.  The back side of this has no ridges.

It might be a slip stitch pattern, or a mix of SC and slip stitch rows.  There used to be a site of slip stitch patterns but I'm not finding it now...


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So i think i may have found the solution? 

After closely looking at the stitches and dissecting a few of them, its seems it was a [YO, insert hook into loop, YO, pull through all three].  Being mostly self taught via the internet Im not sure what this stitch is called or how to describe where the hook was inserted in "official" terms.  I can try to get some pictures of it if anyone needs to see it to verify. 

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