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5 hours ago, greyhoundgrandma said:

Pretty! Having to block is sometimes the decision maker on a pattern for me. It's not hard but I just don't like to.

Thank you. :heart  It's not my favorite either but I think if you're gonna use thread...well, you're gonna have to block. 


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29 minutes ago, Granny Square said:

Your blocking (and doily) looks great to me!  I make my own polar graph paper as a blocking guide, makes it much easier.

Thanks! I thought about using graph paper to use as a guide, but I don't want to risk the ink seeping on to the doily. Maybe use plastic wrap between the two??

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That's what I do.  Foam board, graph paper, plastic wrap.  But, I don't print them out, I've draw them in pencil and re-use them--so for me the plastic is to keep the pencil from rubbing off on the doily, and also to keep the paper from getting wet.  The one that I use the most is divided up for 12, which works for 6, 4 and I added another set of lines so it also works for 8.  I have couple of other odd ones, for 9, 5&10 and 7 I think as other doilies came up.  I still have my protractor and compass from 5th grade (antiques!), I start with a ruler line across the page and then use that to mark off the angles.  

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