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Tampa Doll

Panda, & Topsy Turvy

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As you all know I make afghans and stuffies for the American Legion Silent Auction that my SIL is involved in.

I made a Princess Afghan 9 for a girl)  and a Panda Afghan (for a boy).  Well I have finally finished the stuffies to go with them.  There is a Topsy Turvy Doll and a Panda Bear.  I have fun making these and the doll was interesting to make.

I am not overly happy with the Panda's eyes, but I can't change them.


Topsey -Turvey (1).JPG

Topsey -Turvey (2).JPG

Topsey -Turvey (5).JPG

Panda (3).JPG

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I like the topsy turvy dolls, many years ago I sewed one,,,,it was not easy.  I love the pink and white skirt. 


The panda does look rather apprehensive, but he is still cute.  Maybe a bigger nose, if you could do it.  I cannot do faces

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