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WIP Star Wars R2D2 Pixel Blanket

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So the son asked me to make him a Star Wars Blanket! So I decided to have a try at making a pixel art blanket! 

Making small granny squares (2 rows in each) and joining them as I go.

I will add to the thread as I go!

Thanks for reading 



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I drafted out the design on square paper, as you can see I've coloured squares in green, but those are the white parts of the character, it was just easier for me to work out the amount of squares etc



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37 minutes ago, bgs said:

Its going to be a really neat afghan.  You are off to a good start.  Looking forward to see it's progression.

Since I last took that photo, I'm upto the blue rows, I will take another photo over the weekend, once I've done some more!

It will be my first attempt at a pixel blanket

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An update on the R2D2 throw, been so busy the past 6 months!

I love how I now have time to sit and finish it off!

I've ran out of white yarn, however I'm doing the grey blue and black parts first,  with the yarn I have left then I can judge how much of the grey ans blue I need to purchase on top of white and more black. 





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Thanks hun, shame I've ran out of white  and now running out of black, but just going till I have to buy more.

Its only taken 10 months sitting in a box waiting to be finished,  life has totally taken over 

I've got until April to finish it

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