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Shamus the Leprechaun

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I wasn't sure where to put this guy, but since he is for St. Patrick's Day, I figured what the heck.

This was a free pattern for the leprechaun outfit.  If you don't have the Santa, it is hard to make this one.

He was fun and the hair was a challenge.  All that orange.

I thought he looked like Cousin IT from the Adams family, Tampa Guy thought he looked like Haggred from Harry Potter.  That is before his haircut.

He got a nice haircut and his had with a shamrock on the side.


Laprechaun Gonk (1).JPG

shamus_the_leprechaun (13).JPG

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Thank you all.  I had fun making him.  This designer comes out with such cute outfits for this doll.  One is an Adam and Eve outfits.  Guess what they are made to look like.  :rofl

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