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increase question



I am starting a new pattern with increases.
For example,  Row 1 says to magic ring sc 6 x in ring.  Then Row 2 says "increase in each stitch around (12)"   I get that.
Row 3 says "(1 sc inc) repeat x 5 (18)"  Row 4 says "(2 sc inc) repeat x 5 (24)"  
I guess my confusion is let's say in Row 3 do a sc and then do a sc inc in every other stitch?
In Row 4 do I do 2 sc and then in every two sc do an increase?  And so on.
Row 5 says to do (3 sc inc) repeat 5 x.......so do I do 3 sc and then a sc inc and do the inc with every 3rd (the 4th) sc?
Pulling my hair out  LOL

thanks in advance!!!!!

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52 minutes ago, augcott said:

In Row 4 do I do 2 sc and then in every two sc do an increase?

row 4 will have 2 plain stitches , then an increase, so your increase is actually in the 3rd stitch.  

row 5 has 3 plain stitches , then an increase in the 4th stitch.  

My personal feeling is that this way of writing patterns is too much of a shortcut and is confusing, for some of us at least.  it would be more clear if they would use a few more words and say "in each of the next two stitches make 1 sc.  In the following stitch, make an increase"  or something along those lines.

I don't know what the pattern does after the parts you quoted, but so far it is following the standard formula for making a flat circle in single crochet, often used for the beginning of a top-down hat or for amigurumi.  here's a blog post about making circles with  different stitch heights, just for reference  https://jessieathome.com/stitchopedia-flat-circles-in-single-half-double-and-double-crochet/

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Thank you for your response.
It is very confusing to me!
So just so I understand:
So I start off with 6 sc in the magic ring, then R2 I inc in each sc for a total of 12.
R3 I do 1 sc inc & repeat 5 X to get 18 stitches.
R4 I do 2 sc inc & repeat 5 x to get 24 stitches.  So, I'm going to do 2 sc, 2 sc in next st, 2 sc, 2sc in next stitch and so on for 5 repeats after the first set.
R5 I do 3sc inc & repeat 5 x to get 30 stitches.   So, I'm going to do 3 sc, inc in next st and repeat that 5 times to get 30 stitches.
And on and on.
Phew!!!!   LOL
And thank you for the link.
I'm beginning to think that I've taken on a confusing project!!!! 
Again, I really appreciate your input.   I think I understand it now.


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