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Increase Question

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I am starting a new pattern with increases.
For example,  Row 1 says to magic ring sc 6 x in ring.  Then Row 2 says "increase in each stitch around (12)"   I get that.
Row 3 says "(1 sc inc) repeat x 5 (18)"  Row 4 says "(2 sc inc) repeat x 5 (24)"  
I guess my confusion is let's say in Row 3 do a sc and then do a sc inc in every other stitch?
In Row 4 do I do 2 sc and then in every two sc do an increase?  And so on.
Row 5 says to do (3 sc inc) repeat 5 x.......so do I do 3 sc and then a sc inc and do the inc with every 3rd (the 4th) sc?
Pulling my hair out  LOL

thanks in advance!!!!!


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