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Gertrude the Protector

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Earlier I made 3 dolls that will be going out to AZ.  I just finished a Monster, 1 of 3 that will be going out also.

This is Gertrude the Protector.  She will watch over and protect the girls against anything.  Of course, when I send the monster along with her 2 friends, I will not tell them the name.  Let them name them and anyway what boy would want a monster called Gertrude.

If you notice, she has web feet, hands and ears.

So here is one of three monsters for the little ones.


Gertrude (2).JPG

Gertrude (4).JPG

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Gertrude reminds me of the thing in Ritual   the movie but it was so dark though all we really could see was a lot of legs or arms lol  they will love them!! Make no mistake ,cuddly creature she is not lol but #fierce protector# of little girls   lol  

rest until dinner//  LOL reminds me of my plaque " how wonderful to do nothing and then rest afterwards" lol shows a big sleeping dog on an overstuffed couch lol i like that saying as it so often applies lol  at least to my life lol 

 well dear ones im going back to work now see you all a bit later  

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