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Lalylala vlad ear help.


Very confused on starting the ears. 

Chain 16. Start 2n chain from hook.

1. Sc14,sc3 into the last stitch,do not turn. Instead continue working on other side of chain.(back of chain),sc13-turn (30sts)

2. Ch,sk 1st stitch,sctbl 13,sctbl 3 in nxt st,sctbl 13-turn.

3. Ch,(Start rows in 1st stitch as usual),sctbl15,sctbl3 in nxt st,sctbl 12-turn.

Mine keeps coming out as a oval like a bottom of a purse. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Very frustrated. Got and understand all the rest of the pattern. Please can someone send pictures after each row. Or a video  link would help a bunch. Thanks 

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It sounds like you are going around and around the chain if you are getting a purse bottom look.  What you want is something like this leaf pattern, except with smooth edges.  So you work around the chain in a U shape, in ever shortening U shaped rows.

You can see the construction here https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/lalylala-vlad-the-vampire-bat, look at the pic with the back of the head--you can see the chain 'seam' up the middle back of the ear.

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