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Hello I just signed up I been trying to find some good friends that crochet,talk crochet, as a single parent I do the best I can to crochet I signed myself up at a crochet group in my local church but no one still hasn’t set up a meet up place. Sigh I used to sell my crochet projects in 2008-2016 I stopped for an odd reason something was missing I haven’t figured out what yet but now I crochet once in a blue moon I learned how in High School class of 03 so I finally finished my first hardest hello kitty hat pattern a few weeks ago it felt like the pattern was way advanced for me since I am still working on beginner and easy patterns so it turned out really well I was proud of it and my friends daughter was a happy kid 😇 any ways I posted of the projects I got done in 2010,most recent ones are hello kitty hat and a dusty rose butterfly baby hat. I hope to get to know you all meet more crochet pals as I go lots of hugs 🤗.












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Your projects are beautiful!!

Some suggestions for crochet groups:  a local Senior Center may have a Crochet group.  Also--check the library, or any large apartment complexes.  Several years ago, (2010, as a matter of fact) I volunteered to teach a Crochet Class at our local Senior Center, and I now have two other groups, as well--one at a local apartment complex, and one at an Assisted Living Center.  I don't charge anything--we just get together and enjoy sharing patterns and yakking!!  I think it's one of the best things I've ever done!!

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Well the local library used to have a knitting group they stopped showing up, if I want to make my own crochet group I have to get permission from Library to have group meetings I hardly have any crochet friends to join to name group together. The church said they take whatever is made they take it donate them to a local hospital for cancer patients (it was on my bucket list for years) 😁. I started on one, then my neighbor asked me to make another baby hat, put cancer scarf down and work on neighbors newborn granddaughter’s baby hat. I watch YouTube videos of mike from crochet crowd he is my favorite person of course my two favorite places to get yarn is Joanns or Micheals’s . Hobby lobby well they were rude to other customers and Walmart doesn’t have enough choices no offense I know I am picky I am sure I am not ge only one 😉 you take care all have a great day. I found this pattern for her so going to make it. 


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