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Giveaway -- size 10 thread

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All of these except the last are opened balls:

Aunt Lydia's Classic Crochet 100% cotton, white, 1000 yds, size 10

Aunt Lydia's, 400 yds, white, size 10

J & P Coats, white, size 10, 400 yds

Green -- no label. What I call Christmas green, appears to be size 10

J & P Rayon-Crochet, 125 yds. The wrapper is yellowed with a sticker covering part of the label, but it looks like silver, size 10.

Please post to this thread if you are interested. I'll draw a name on Saturday.

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Please put my name in this drawing!  I'm making next year's "fancies"  and I'm using up all my thread!!  Thanks!

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