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In FLO of R4, ch 3, dc in same sc as chain


Hi all,

New to this forum and crocheting.  The instructions in the title is how round 5 of my project starts.  I don't understand 2 things.  1) Am I supposed to be chaining in the front loop of round 4 or is R4, ch 3 a specific stitch?  2)  What does double crochet in same single crochet as chain mean?




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I assume the last stitch of row 4 was a sc.  NORMALLY, if you are making a DC at the start of a row, you chain 3 at the end of the prior row, turn, skip the first stitch, and make a DC into the next stitch.  The chain 3 takes the place of a DC, and you skip the first stitch to keep the stitch count the same.  In your case, yes you are using the front loop of the SC, but the fact that you are making a stitch into that first sc is atypical.  Either the chain isn't counting as a stitch, or this is meant to be an increase.

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