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Sewed Yarn Project Bags

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I have a few green mesh bags that I bought at dollar tree a few years back to keep my yarn projects in however I really hated the mesh texture so I asked my mom the other day if she hate some scrap fabric and would she make me a few bags a little bit bigger...She gave me 3 to test and all I needed to do was grab my ribbon box & feed some ribbon threw them adding a draw string closure ...on one I testing a button vs  draw string to just slide it closed...:c9

Iam so happy for as I tend to work on various projects at work some in office  (where I have more table space for say a blanket) & sometimes I am in a van on the go & I need smaller projects (keep them clean)

The first pic was the old mesh bag.....








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Yea! Glad you're happy with them. Nice job and they look sturdy plus, you'll be able to tell right away which project is in each bag.

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