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Lost and Confused on Granny has Wing Shawl


I am working a pattern & I am getting ready to start the Wing section of the pattern however I am confused by the instructions as were the stitches are going? My daughter & I have tried it and still can't seem to get it...

Any help would be great I am more of a visual person and since the pattern doesn't have any pictures (including any from people who have made it I am lost)

Here is the Pattern

But this is the part I am lost on.... I think I got row one but that is where I am not sure where the stitch placement (goes)


Row 1 - Continue in pattern for the first row of the wing but stop short of going all the way to the point. I wanted 5 shells unworked, so I did the last shell in the space next to the 6th shell in the row below. Do not ch after the shell. Dc in the next ch space. Chain 3

Row 2 – turn, dc in 3rd dc, 2 dc in chain 1 space, chain 1, (shell, chain 1) in each chain 1 space to end, shell between the 3rd and 4th dc, dc in last dc, chain 3

Thanks :O) for anyone that can help me.....

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This just a guess...

At the end of row 1, you have a 3 dc shell and a dc in the next ch sp.

Working backwards for row 2, you do a ch3 to chain up above row 1's last dc. Then you dc in the 3rd dc. This should be the last dc in the 3dc shell (the dc closest to the ch sp.) Then 2 more dc in the ch sp.

Your first shell in row 2 is going to be partly in row 1's last shell and partly in row 1's last ch sp.

Does this help?

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This pattern really should have been diagrammed, it would have been easier to follow IMO.

It might be easier to visualize 'what is happening' versus the words of the pattern, if that makes sense.  So, you have the half granny part done.  'What is happening' is that you are continuing to work the neckline of the shawl (the cross-section line of the half-granny) as you have before, but instead of adding stitches at the bottom/point end, you're subtracting them, by making the last 'granny shell' between the 2 in the row below, ans stopping at that point and turning to work back toward the neck.  The net result is that the wings don't gain or add stitches overall, you are adding at 1 side and subtracting on the other.

You can see this in the second photo, which shows the bottom center close up.  Look at the left wing, near the top, where you can see 2 purple rows of the straight portion.  

Hope this helps.  So many times I've muddled thru confusing (or bad) directions by studying the pattern pics closely.

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