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Guinness record thread crochet in Poland

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On the PBS Create channel, there is a show called Destination Craft.  Tonight the episode was about Poland and one feature was a crocheted lace project.  it's in the Guiness Book of Records, it is 5 meters across, made in size 50 thread, composed of about 8000 motifs.  if you get a chance to see the episode it is interesting though they don't go into much detail.  They showed one young woman crocheting and she had a very unusual way of holding the hook and thread, of course both were tiny!    I found the website of the creators of the piece, this page has a photo of it http://koronkakoniakowska.pl/en/guiness-record.html  In the upper left corner you can click on the three lines or the doily icon, to see other pages.  I had some trouble navigating it, esp on a tablet, but thought it was worth sharing.  

(The episode of the show on Ireland had a short segment on Irish crochet with Maire treanor, which was laos interesting.)

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I'm so glad you all enjoyed seeing it!

I later realized there is a Facebook page, didn't spend much time looking there but noticed some photos of other interesting crochet, will have to look more later.  

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5 hours ago, Avon Lady said:

It IS beautiful--but--what are they going to do with it?

This sounds like a question I would ask lol.  I have a hard time making something that doesn't have some specific purpose, and I find myself asking friends what they're going to do with their projects.  

This piece, I think the reason it was made was just to get in the record book, so the purpose has been achieved.  Now it seems like they are displaying it in different cities.  

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