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18 hours ago, Inkked0317 said:

Tonight is my night for pictures I guess...I just finished the Bavarian rainbow baby blanket for my friend at church...it's all done in Vanna's Choice and I used (from the center) fisherman, lemon, raspberry, pink grapefruit, shocking rose, dusty purple, eggplant, sky blue, and pistashio. Less than a full skein of each. I repeated the colors in reverse order for the border. I'll be giving it to her the next time I see her at church!



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On 1/8/2018 at 5:11 PM, Gardener said:

I don’t think it looks bad at all.  However, a mistake in knitting can be covered by embroidering a similar stitch over it with the correct color. Wonder if that would work for crochet as well?

Sometimes works for crochet too. It is worth to try, would not take much time. You can always pull that out that yarn if will not work.

That blanket looks great even with that tiny mistake:).


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21 hours ago, Debbie Caldwell said:

Made a set of soup bowl cozies for my son & DIL.


Thats a great idea! We use potholders...did you make up the pattern?

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