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Closed--2018 Stashbusting CAL

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The yule tree throw is finished!!!!  

Oops!! Sorry I meant to add pictures lol...Here's the Something Magic CAL, part 3 completed and my huge pink giraffe!! Didn't get a pic of the arm warmers before I mailed them off today and I'll take

I made a shawl to go to the local nursing home. Used one full skein, finished off 2 partial skeins, and used up two balls.....+8.

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Hi everyone!! This week I was focused on making baby things for the new niece coming in the next little while! I made a dress, two blankets, a jacket, and most of a second jacket and used up 4 skeins with them. Pretty sure that's going to be enough for me to count the gift as done lol so next week I'll be going back to making stuffies for the kiddos at church.

WTD: +8

YTD: +82

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Wow, another week done. I can hardly believe it's almost March!

Gold Medal Winner: pineknott +26

Silver Medal Winner: 2 Winners! LegalWoman17 & Inkked0317 tied +8

Bronze Medal Winner: greyhoundgrandma +4 

TexasPurl +2


howieann -2          

Shoot the Moon Winner: HolyzHobbyz -4

greyhoundgrandma will be posting the YTD standings soon.


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YTD scores for the end of February:

Gold Medal Winner: greyhoundgrandma +140

Silver Medal Winner: pineknott +89

Bronze Medal Winner: Inkked0317 +82

LegalWoman17 +42


howieann -27

TexasPurl -37

February's Shoot the Moon Winner: HollyzHobbyz -68

Great scores for the week and month!


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7 minutes ago, howieann said:

Argh! I'm such a hard time getting my numbers posted Saturday night! It doesn't change standings or anything, but here are my numbers. I feel pretty good about that -2 since I bought 5 skeins this week!

WTD: -2 YTD: -27


I'll update the standings, no problems. 

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I added you to the ytd list also, Holly.

I intended to crochet this afternoon, but the baby shower I went to ran long, and I've just about lost the inclination. I've promised myself that I will finish the mermaid tail before I start anything else.

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Beyond maddening...I almost have a skein done, but not quite in time for the scores, so:

WTD = 0

My birthday is coming up Monday, so I may end up with more skeins, or gift certificates to get yarn...😈😈😈

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Hi everyone!! This week I got three stuffies mostly made, but nothing finished and no skeins finished on those. I did however, make one more jacket for the baby niece and used a skein (+2). And then I got the email from Michael's...and I went shopping..and brought home 25 skeins (-50)!!! 

WTD: -48

YTD: +34


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Way to knock 'em out pineknott! Jessie, that had to be an awesome shopping spree! I wish I would have gotten more done this week. Maybe next week. Still can't believe it's already March. 

WTD  -4

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That sounds like a lot of nests the last two weeks, Lyn.

Fun trip, Jessie. All stocked up in general or planning specific projects?

Pam, it's so frustrating when a skein just won't go away.

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It wasn't only nests,helped Rene' get unfinished project unrolled and back to useable yarn

I'm just about at 30/50 nests,at this rate they should get them before the spring storms start here,when I  said a nest was 10 rounds,silly me,I forgot the base rows,all total  its around 16 rounds of three strands

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Happy Sunday to everyone!  Here are everyone's scores for the week:


Gold Medal Winner - Pineknott:  +20

Silver Medal Winner - LegalWoman17:  +4

Bronze Medal Winner - howieann:  +3

Making a "little" headway - HollyzHobbyz:  +1

Holding Steady - greyhoundgrandma:  0

                            PBLKNP:  0

Losing ground - TexasPurl:  -4

And, our "Shoot The Moon" winner for the week - Inkked0317:  -48

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