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Closed--2018 Stashbusting CAL

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The yule tree throw is finished!!!!  

Oops!! Sorry I meant to add pictures lol...Here's the Something Magic CAL, part 3 completed and my huge pink giraffe!! Didn't get a pic of the arm warmers before I mailed them off today and I'll take

I made a shawl to go to the local nursing home. Used one full skein, finished off 2 partial skeins, and used up two balls.....+8.

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hey all. I do wanna reiterate that KaylaKitsa is also in this CAL she just does not have her own account here, and so i post her scores every week. I will do my best from now on to have our scores posted with Big Font and colors so you can see that there is two separate scores in my post :)


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No. We are alright with how this works she has an extremely hard time learning new internet or tech related things (shes on the Autism spectrum) but still wants to participate. it would just discourage her to try and learn the mechanics of using the forum. We've tried introducing new websites before and it overwhelms her

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Another package sent off today...+14  =  +92

This is probably the best my score will look all year! LOL

Reminder: This is the last week of the month, so please post both your WTD and YTD scores on Saturday.

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Posting early, unexpected but delightful visit from son & grandson. Pretty sure I won't get anything at all done today. Just building Lego stuff! :yay

wtd +9, ytd +2

Debbie Bliss – Shawl +2, Lily S&C – Caddy +4 Ecru, +1 Brown, +1 Wine, +1 Red

I'll have to post winners early tomorrow before the stinker wakes up!

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I was reasonably well-behaved this week...I’ve been working on my socks, and stayed away from the LYS and Michaels.  I DID go to our local “KnitFlix” at the Canton Public Library.  It’s a fun night where you bring your own dinner, they provide the beverages and snacks, and they play a movie...usually something based on a book.  Right now, they’ve been on a Jane Austin kick.  People sit and knit and crochet during the movie.  They also do a swap.  I managed to score a crochet afghan Leisure Arts book “Afghans for all Seasons” from 1993.  There are a lot of beautiful afghans!  A few look like I might be able to use my stash for them.

Stashbuster Total: WTD +0  YTD -12


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I finished my baby Hogwarts blanket!!! I finished the graph section, at least. I've still got to do a white ruffle border, but the body of the blanket is finished finally!! I used a total of 5 balls and 6 skeins (+17) this week on this project.

WTD: +17

YTD: +62

BTW the dark spot on the bottom right is a brown owl, but it's too dark for the camera to pick up lol


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Good morning everyone! Here are the scores for this past week: 

Gold Medal Winner:  greyhoundgrandma: WTD +92, YTD +110 (Special thanks for your generosity with the giveaways!)

Silver Medal Winner:  pineknott:  WTD +21, YTD +41

Bronze Medal Winner:  Inkked0317:  WTD +17, YTD +62

CONGRATULATIONS! Keep busting that stash! 

TexasPurl:  WTD +9, YTD +2

LegalWoman17:  WTD 0, YTD +14


HollyzHobbyz:  WTD 0, YTD -68


Have a great week everyone!

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YTD scores for the end of January:

Gold Medal Winner: greyhoundgrandma +110

Silver Medal Winner: Inkked0317 +62

Bronze Medal Winner: pineknott +41

LegalWoman17 +14

TexasPurl +2

howieann -3


January's Shoot the Moon Winner: HollyzHobbyz -68

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Great looking scores, everyone! It's always good to see a week with no shoot the moon winner! I'll post the scores next week since there was no weekly winner.

That sounds like a really fun evening, Pam!

The blanket looks great, Jessie! What a lot of work.

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I'd like to join in again this year! Maybe the boards won't mess up on me mid year so I can still post stuff! 


Anyways, looks like I'm beginning this years stashbusting CAL with a -6, because I had a request to make an afghan for my cousin's wifes niece. LOL. 

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