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New member and beginner

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Hi all!  I’m new to the group, and consider myself a beginner (self taught).  Even though I have worked on projects over a few years, I make lots of mistakes.  I’m hoping to gain insights from all of you and looking forward to improving skills to make many beautiful things.

So far, I have made a few hats, a baby caccoon, granny square bedspread for my king size bed, a shawl for Mom, a couple of baby blankets using bulky soft yarn and the basket weave (so thick and comfy), and a throw for the sofa.  I’m currently working on a chevron bedspread using 3 colors for a toddler / twin bed, and have another couple of baby items planned (blanket and the star caccoon found in a post on this forum which looks amazing and I cannot wait to try working on it.)

I have some questions on my current project and will search around to see where I can post questions and pictures of my work.  

About me:  I work full time, have a 2yr old grandson, and like most everyone else have a crazy chaotic work life.  I use crochet for my me time and to relax while creating something.  

Hoping you all have a blessed holiday!:yay

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