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White Knuckles

Hello, I just joined crochetville!

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I have been crocheting for years now and over the last year I've been putting my all into. Until very recently it's  been a solitary endeavor so I'm very excited to meet and share with fellow crochet enthusiasts.


<3 Amber

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Welcome to the best place ever, White Knuckles!  There are lots of things here for you to enjoy!  I have crocheted since I was in my teens ( I'm 73, so that's a "few" years now!)  I started a crochet class at our local senior center in June of 2010, and we're still going strong!!  We all have been crocheting for years and years, and years, so we have everything WE want--so we've been making lapghans for Veterans' hospitals, and prayer shawls for our local Hospice for the last 7 of those years.  We meet 3 times a week, at three different locations, and just sit there and yak, and crochet, and sometimes eat snacks (carefully, of course!), and just generally have fun!  We go to some local craft shows each Fall, to help us "support our habit"!!


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