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I've had a hard time getting going this Christmas season.  I made the Christmas presents, did the Christmas donation, and finished the Christmas shopping, but the spirit has eluded me this year.  I just want to send a BIG THANK YOU to all the FGM and swap partners who have sent Christmas ornaments over the years.  I can't explain the funk but it took me to tonight to finish getting my tree up and then I found an amazing stash of hand made crochet ornaments as I was emptying the ornament boxes and I was just so touched and amazed.  I knew I had quite a few, but I'd been putting them on my stairs for years to decorate the evergreens on the stairs.  This year I just couldn't do the stairs so all the ornaments went on the tree and it is so beautiful.

Sometimes we don't realize what an impact our gifts have even years later.This year I have been so uplifted not only by ornaments but by Christmas dishcloths and potholders that remind me that there are so many amazing, thoughtful people out there This seemed like the perfect time to remind all of you have been part of making and sending stuff out over the years, that your gifts last long after the Thank  you appears in the thread. 

Have a wonderful Christmas all of you.


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