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Help a newbie with a pattern!



I'm quite new to crocheting, but I've been doing it off and on. The pattern works in British crochet terms, however, I know that a "dc" is a "sc" in US crochet terms.

The problem I'm at is at RND 21. On RND 20, I was working in the front loops only which was easy to SC2TOG. RND 21 doesn't say to work only on the front loops... do I now use the full crochet loop or continue with the front loop? My cotton yarn is super tight at this point, so doing the full crochet loop is rather tough - but doable. 

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,


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Welcome to Crochetville from me, too!

I agree with Kathy. The default is always both loops. If a designer wants you to do something else, like flo (front loop only), they tell you. If they don't specify, it's the default.

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