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Diamond & Bobble Headband


Huge fan of cabled headbands and there are TONS of patterns for these. 

I am specifically seeking a pattern that would incorporate diamond trellis work with a center bobble pattern for a headband.

The only one I located was Lisa Rosen's which is out of print. 

Seeking other pattern sources for something similar.


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I couldn't find anything exactly the same, but if you are up to improvising your own pattern here's a tutorial on the diamond trellis in general (without bobbles) https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/diamond-trellis-stitch-video-tutorial

A hat that uses a similar pattern, again no bobbles - this is pretty, I like the way the top looks, but this is already in the round and a headband would just be the brim of the hat https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/diamond-ridges  To make the headband you should be able to loosely chain the number of DCs it says you should have when you begin working without the increases, join the chain into a ring, make a DC into each chain, then the next row start the post stitches into that base of DCs.

I think you might be able add a bobble after you have finished the bottom V part, and are working the first row of the ^ part, you work a bobble around the post of the middle stitch in the row below: it should center it in the diamond.  This makes sense in my head, anyway...



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