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Can Someone Help Me Understand This Pattern Please?

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Okay, so I started teaching myself crochet around this time last year and I've learned a lot. However, this pattern has me stumped as to what I'm suppose to do, so some insight would greatly be appreciated.

Here's where you can view the pattern, as it's free to download and enjoy: https://www.craftsy.com/crocheting/patterns/geometrical-crocheted-fingerless-mittens/133074

The part I'm stuck on is Rnd 4: Zig Zag Design

Ch7 (including ch4 to count as 1st tr), make tr into same st and leave last loop on hook (as unfinished tr), make another tr skip 3 next sts and leave last loop on hook = 3 loops on hook.

So, when it says make tr into same st, does that mean the same stitch the chain came out of, the 7th chain, or what? I am completely confused by this whole chunk of the pattern and I have no idea how to continue forward.

Please and thank you to those who try to help me untangle this pattern before I have to untangle my work.


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Hi, welcome to the Ville!

its the same stitch the chain came out of.   The pattern has a nice stitch diagram, which clearly shows the stitch placement.  If you don't already know how to use these diagrams, this would be a good time to learn.  We can recommend some tutorials if you're interested.  

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