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Red Heart Scrubby Sparkle Yarn on SALE!:)

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Red Heart Scrubby Sparkle Yarn on SALE- $2.50 reg.price- $4.49

S&H only $3.00 today  (You need to apply that coupon to your cart).

You can avoid paying S&H if you place your order online and you will pick that up at Joann store. You need to know that usually those yarns online- sale they are at higher price at the Joann stores at that time. So to get that sale price that order need to be placed online.


I thought I will let you know, I think that is a good price. Yes it makes great dishcloths. I use that yarn for many other things.. First time I used that yarn it was that small Cacti I made, that worked out great. It is great for decorative items & trimings. The colors are great- bright.  I am planning to make a black Halloween Cat- wall hanger for my daughter. All that "fuzzy" stuff for all Holiday's could be made using that yarn. Some  "fuzzy" amigurumi would look good too. For Ami's I would add another strand of thin "regular" yarn in matching color( 2 stands together). If you work in rounds with that yarn, the left side will be more "fuzzy". Use that left side for right side (turn that inside out). That yarn would NOT be good to use for a child toy, it is little scratchy. It is good only for decorative items & dishcloths.

Red Heart site have many nice free patterns for dishcloths using that yarn.

I was trying to find my little Cacti here to get that link to add for those of you that did not seen that. For some reason I can not find that, I will post that picture here.

I LOVE that yarn!.

Happy crocheting:)




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3 hours ago, richsgirl said:

Too bad I just saw this.

That sale was going on for many days. Now is back to reg. price.

They might have more sales on that.. IF they still have a lot of that yarn in stock.

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