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"Amigurume" by Allison Hoffman.

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Hi there, 

I don't suppose anyone on here has the book mentioned above? It mentions that you can add a hood to your doll's jacket but I can't find the pattern for the hood anywhere in the book. Am I missing something? If anyone does know where to find it could you please tell me the page number? Thank you! 


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I don't have the book, but a hood is often just a rectangle with a seam, usually up the back or sometimes at the top.

The easiest way I can think of--Let's say you have 20 stitches around a neckline.  Attach the yarn at one of the front edges, and work back and forth across 10 stitches (so, you're working from one front edge to mid back neck) until you have a rectangle that reaches over the head and down to the unused stitches of the neckline that looks the way you want.  Finish off, leaving a long end for sewing.  Sew to the opposite collar, and sew up the opening in the back.

This recent thread has links to good seaming stitches 



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Good luck!  The other way I thought (and technically easier, but visually maybe not so great because it has a seam at the top of the head), but just in case:

Work around all the stitches of the neckline, back and forth, until it is 'hood height' and seam across the top.  This one might be better looking if you made an edging all the way around the face edge and the rest of the jacket (maybe in a contrasting color) afterward.

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