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Ami Ville Thanksgiving

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I was asked to show a new picture of Ami Ville.  For those of you who do not know, it is where most of what I make goes.  It is in the back room, where Tampa Guy has his computer.

It gets quite crowded at times, but it is always fun to see.  Sometimes something that is going out, sit there till it is ready to be packed up.

So here is Thanksgiving at Ami Ville.


AmiVille (2).JPG

AmiVille (3).JPG

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Mary Jo ~ What fun to see the whole group together!  Your creativity and talent are amazing to me.  My Peggy Sue with her poodle skirt makes me smile every time I'm in my sewing room. :manyheart

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All those Ami's looking very good & happy!  ;). I assume you already got Christmas gifts for ALL of them LOL.

Did you ever count all of them?. I was just wondering how many do you have?. I know you do have many dolls too:). I am talking about those that you make clothes for them only (dolls are store bought).

I do not keep any of them I give everything away. With an exception of few very tiny once.  All of them probably could fit to a shoe box LOL. I keep them for my tiny trees (2ft. tall). I give everything away not only amigurumis. My  pleasure is to made them, take a picture and give that away LOL.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! :)


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