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New Food coloring Dyes

Woven N Spun

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I found new McCormick Food color dyes this week.

They are NEON colors of green, purple, pink, and blue.


You would use them just like you do kool aid.


Here is a skein I made mixing the pink and blue to make a turquoise/mauve skein. I also made a purple skein which is currently in use and not photo graphed




Look out...another fulled bag is coming. :D!

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I used the color chart on the back of the NEON box and

I unwound a hank of Fisherman's wool shoving half of the skein in a mason jar full of the turquoise and the other half in the dusty rose side. I put in an steamer pot on the stove and simmered about 25 minutes until the dye was gone.


Turquoise : 10 drops blue and 3 drops pink

Dusty Rose: 6 drips pink and 1 drop blue


Hope that helps a little bit.


Am hoping once it's felted up it turns out as pretty as it's looking right now.

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