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Tampa Doll

Gonk Pumpkin Patch

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Well, we took a walk in a pumpkin patch and found this guy walking around.  He said since Halloween is over, he can now be the Thanksgiving Pumpkin.  We did not want to tell him that Thanksgiving Pumpkins become Pumpkin Pie.

I had fun making this guy, but I think the next time, I will use a large hook for the pumpkin.  It is a little tight, guess from all the Halloween Candy.

Her is Gonk Pumpkin Patch. Oh and here he is with the hook I misplaced.  Look at him spin.



Gonk Pumpkin Patch (3).JPG

Gonk Pumpkin Patch 01 (2).JPG

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Wow! He's so PUMPKIN! Well he doesn't have a face, but at the same moment his face tells everything! For me he looks like a grumpy man who needs home. Good you found him in that pumpkin patch so he's not lonely anymore :D :jack

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