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Small Cylinder Amigurumi Crochet Tips?


Hey all, I've recently found this pattern for an amigurumi Dragon by Crafty Intentions on Ravelry and am slowly working my way through it. It's been a while since I've done some crocheting because college gets me busy, but I haven't been having any issues with this pattern until I started on the body. To be more precise, the tail.

This pattern is worked in multiple sections; I've finished the head and I'm currently on the body. This is what the beginning section of this pattern says to do, but it always puffs out a bit around row 3-4 and then tightens up when I start making the small increases in row 5, to a point where it just becomes unworkable. Does anyone have any tips for how they make small areas like this? I haven't had problems doing sc4-wide magic rings before until I bought this pattern.

(I highlighted it so I knew where to crop on the screenshot; it continues in this fashion, increasing by one stitch every couple of rows, and you should get what you see in the pictures. Pictures provided from pattern instructions.)

The pattern is worked with a G hook, though I tried starting off the tail with an F hook and didn't have much luck that way either. Also have tried extremely loose tension, and I just can't seem to get it right.


2017-11-04 (2).png

2017-11-04 (3).png

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