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Circular Jacket patern

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I started a circular jacket pattern , a Laura Wheeler design, 35 years ago and would like to finally finish it BUT I can't remember where i put the pattern!  Can anyone help me please?

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Hi Jo, welcome to the ville!  Do you remember the pattern number?  (I think Laura Wheeler used numbers, but I might be wrong in that---it could be a name)

Can you post a photo of what you've made so far, that could help identify it.  

If we can figure out what exact pattern it is, and if someone here has their original copy of the pattern, they could sell or give that to you.  Otherwise, You'll need to look for an original copy elsewhere, like eBay, thrift stores, or you could sign up on Ravelry and look in their "destash" groups to see if someone there is selling an original copy .   Nobody can sell or give you a xerox copy or a scan or pdf of the original pattern, as that would violate the copyright of the original pattern.  Crochetville has good guidelines about not violating copyrights and you can read more about that in the Town Hall section.  

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