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Edging pattern for blanket


Hoping someone can advise me - this is my first ever project and I'm not sure about an element of the edging pattern. 1st row of pattern is double crochet scallop and single crochet every third stitch. This is fine and I've completed this row. The third and final row mirrors this pattern. 

However, on 2nd row the pattern is double crochet, single chain, double crochet into the previous single crochet stitch of row 1 with 3 chain stitches over the double crochet scallop of Row 1.  My question is: should the chain be worked into the scallop as it doesn't seem right when it isn't, and it looks even worse when the 3rd row is worked into this chain.


Can anyone help?

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Welcome to Crochetville! 

Chains are never done in a stitch. So, I don't know what you mean by, "chain worked into the scallop."

Also, I'm not sure if what you're describing in the odd rows are scallops or v-stitches. In the even rows, you're describing v-stitches  (dc, ch1, dc) with a ch3 in between. Something is missing. 

Here's what I suggest, so that you can get the correct advice...

There are 2 sections for help, general crochet help and crochet stitch help. Create a post in one of these sections. 

Include a link to where you got the pattern or the name, date, publisher, pattern name of book/magazine. That way we can see what you're making. 

Type the 2 rows that are confusing exactly as they appear in the pattern. Use the same abbreviations and punctuation. (You're not allowed to post pictures of the pattern.)

Describe in your words which part is confusing. The question you posted above is good.

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