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Santa Potholder- (I am missing Elf! LOL)

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Hello Everyone:)

Here are some pictures of Santa Potholder I made & a story about that..

That is from  a set of 2 potholders; "Santa & Elf Potholder". I know, I am missing Elf! LOL. First I need to find his picture. That Elf must be done in the same technique to match. 

That whole idea to make that Santa potholder came from reading about all the problems of making that  at "Crochet Help" section. That Santa Potholder picture from that magazine is very nice. BUT, there was a problem with a VERY confusing pattern. I was just trying to make that the easy way, my way!:).  Because as I was looking at that picture I only seen a square!. So, why on earth that should be so complicated to make?? (according to that pattern).

That Santa in that magazine was done with crochet thread, looks nice & "dainty". BUT, I do not like to crochet with thread. Anyway I think potholders should be ticker. I do not think that even double layer using thread would provide enough protection from heat. That is only my opinion.

So, I crochet that using cotton WW yarn. Because of that my potholder looks very different. The stitches are "bulky". Besides that I was not trying to duplicate that hat brim stitch, that would not work very well with that bulky yarn. My hat brim is different. Yes I could have come up with something better looking, but that was not my main concern when I was trying to make that. I did started from the middle (hat brim). That can be done. starting from the top or bottom.

I took some extra pictures for you to be able to see how I made that. EASY!:).

I know that second potholder dos not have couple white rows on top (for that crochet "pom-pom". I will just make a small white pom-pom for that top & sew that on:). That last picture shows how that back of that potholder looks.

Happy crocheting :wreath








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Thank You Ladies for all your compliments:)

Granny Square, I have no idea what that would be called I never made that before. I just knew I need to crochet something "fuzzy - loopy"  in that brim place.  Those are just 3 chains in each stitch. 

I guess we  could call that a  "Whipped Cream Stitch " :).


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