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Pattern page is down

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When Crochetville did their last software tinkering a few months ago, all their pattern links ceased to work.  The powers that be are aware of this (there was an effort to find all the "patterns by DOT" when that happened ) but nothing else (or not everything) seems to have been fixed.  The links are THERE, it's just that the addresses have changed.  I'm totally not a programmer, but I suspect it may have to do with the fact that the current software doesn't show post numbers, or just scrambled the ones in the old system, since the link to Lisa's pattern ends in "postcount=2231".

Meanwhile, this (free) pattern is very similar (has a small hole in the middle versus just a slit) http://smoothfoxlover.blogspot.com/2009/10/smoothfoxs-christmas-tree-skirt-free.html  Or, if you want it with just a slit, any round ripple pattern  would work, just don't join the rounds--instead turn and work back and forth.


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