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Hello Everyone (I'm New!) I dont know what to do!

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Hello everyone my name is Steve,

Please excuse the Joe Dirt reference in the title of this forum, but oddly enough it hold its weight with me as far as crocheting goes. I am totally green. I want to apologize now for some of the newbie questions I may be asking I will how ever use asking here as a last resort due to not wanting to be a pest and I am a hard headed person as far as earning goes I like to do things on my own even if it takes me 763548432659243 times to do it. It is only at shear desperation and loss of to much hair to I reach out. Thanks for all the help in advance and im sorry again about all the newbie questions I will probably be asking!

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Hi  and Welcome    to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell.

There are no stupid or green questions here.  We are glad to help when we can.  There will always be someone who can and will help.

Best bet is to put  you questions in the General Crochet Help section.  That is where you will get all the help you want.

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Welcome to Crochetville! 

We love newbie questions. It's a sign that someone is learning a craft that we all love! Several of us have links to the best resources. (There are some bad ones out there.) So, please ask away! No matter how many questions or how often you ask questions, you won't be a pest. Also, we love to see pictures of what you've done. :)

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