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scarf pattern (spike stitch)

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It looks like this is a rectangular scarf made lengthwise in a (woven, linen or seed) stitch - same stitch has several names - BUT every other color row, instead of making all the SCs in the chain space directly below, you reach down over the row below and make a SC in the chain space 2 rows below, then ch 1 make a sc as usual in the ch space below, repeat..

If you look at the top pic, the stitch pattern is upside down where it is against her neck.  

Here's a video on how to make a plain woven stitch http://www.crochetmagazine.com/video.html?id=25  - it's very straightforward: sc, chain 1 across; next row sc in the chain space , ch1 and skip the SC below, repeat.  

I can't find a pattern for anything with this stitch variation specifically, but it should be easy to work out on a swatch.  This would be a good stash/leftover busting project!


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