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Shades of Blue Triangle Shawl-Vest

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This free shawl-vest  worked up quickly and will make a perfect gift for my niece who is 11 years old and around a 14-16... It maybe a little big however it will fit longer then one year :O) I really liked that I could just pick this up work it and get in done while just watching TV just & I was able to work it up at work in limited lighting due to the simple repeat pattern....

My mom is a XL( Women size 18) and this was just maybe just a little small on her if I made that next size (plus size) up it may be to big...but I am sure I can work out the 2 sizes and get the right size for an XL...if needed.....but I have planned to maybe make the plus size up for my DD #2 back east....

So back to the shawl-vest is simply a triangle style granny stitch whipped up into a vest just by skipping a few stitches to create the arm holes....I am really thinking this would be cute on little kids :O) 





20171002_Shades of Blue Triangle Shawl Vest Mix.jpg

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I agree that it's really cute. It's a great idea to turn a shawl into a vest. Warmth without the awkwardness of it falling off. Great job! :)

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