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Yarn Ball Winder recommendation

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I know the topic has been discussed, but not in a very very long time. So...I’m interested in buying a yarn ball winder. I have what some would consider to be a LOT of yarn that I would like to wind into cakes for easier/neater storage and use. Ideally I want one that can wind smaller amounts of yarn (for the smaller specialty yarn skeins) and one that will also handle larger skeins. Everything from sock weight to bulky. I’ve searched around the internet and there seems to be some options. I do not want a cheap small plastic one. I would prefer manual over electric because I want to be in control.

There is a very nice looking handmade one on Etsy (from wood that it whir). There is the Stanley Needlecraft large one and also Nancy’s Knits large one. The Nancy’s is very nice, but way more than I can spend ($300). Does anyone have experience with winders that would be able to push me toward the Stanley or the handmade one? Or suggest another that may work? Thanks!

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I don't have a winder to recommend, but, when I buy yarn at my LYS, they wind it for me. If you have a LYS, you might ask them for a suggestion since that's their expertise.

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