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My best friend just had her second daughter and I wanted to make a baby blanket for her. I went to the store and saw this beautiful lionbrand #6 bulky yarn that I wanted to use. I then proceeded to YouTube bulky baby blankets and followed the pattern but my blanket is stating out very wavy even after I have crocheted 3/4 rows.  I have started over three times trying to tweek the pattern to stop the wavyness but adding links/ really making my links loose/tightening links ect. But nothing helps...i need advice on what I need to do please. 

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Hi  and Welcome    to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell.

If you go to Crochet Help and ask your question there, I am sure you will get lots of help.

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Welcome to Crochetville! 

When you post in the general crochet help section, please include a link to the pattern you're using.

Also, what do you mean by wavy?

Is it not laying flat? Try a bigger hook. Rippling is caused by too many stitches or too small of a hook for the yarn & pattern. In other words... too much yarn stuffed together. Using a bigger hook causes bigger stitches, which can spread it out enough to lay flat. 

Are the sides not straight? You may not be crocheting all the way to the end of the row or you may be starting rows in the wrong stitch. 

Or a different "wavy" issue?

When you crochet with super bulky yarn, simpler stitches look better  (especially if the yarn is variegated. )

Please respond in your new thread to avoid confusion. Thanks! 


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