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Pattern help -- oversized turtleneck collar

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Hi everyone!

I'm having some trouble understanding a pattern, and I hope someone can help me.

I'm currently working on a sleeveless turtleneck sweater, but am stuck on making the collar. I'm reticent to post the whole pattern here, as I paid for it from someone's online shop, and I don't want to deprive their livelihood. The basic gist is this:

I've made the front piece, with a neckline and shoulder.

The neckline is 18 stitches across. 

However, when making the collar, the pattern states the following: "Attach yarn in top of shoulder at neck edge and work across 40 (44, 48) sts same as back, cut yarn."

I am completely at a loss for how I get 40 stitches here. Am I supposed to increase with 2 in each? The general pattern is also to "Dc in back loop of sc, sc in front loop of dc" so I'm not even sure how doubling up on an alternating pattern works?

Any help very much appreciated!

Thank you

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hi, welcome to the ville!

have you already made the back and seamed it to the front?  if so, maybe the 40 stitches is all the way around the neckline, though that isn't really the way it reads.

You may want to review the site guidelines in the town hall section.  you are right that it isn't ok to post an entire pattern but that is true whether it is a free pattern, a paid single pattern, or in a book.  it's based on the fact that only the copyright holder has the right to distribute the pattern.  (by the same token,  the shop you bought it from may be violating the copyright of the patterns there.)  

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Thanks @magiccrochetfan! Not reading the guidelines -- n00b mistake! I've corrected now. :)

I did think that maybe it was meant to go around. However, the pattern had me also stitch up 11 rows for the collar on the back. And I'm directed to do all the seaming as the last step. :\

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Just looking at the photo, it doesn't look like the turtleneck would increase...and having made a few, they usually don't--they're just tubes.

So you have just made the back so far?  Or front and back, and are starting on the collar?  If the latter, I would pin them together at the shoulder and see if you can get the neckhole over your head before you go any farther.  If you've only made one piece...as I see you have, just seeing the last 2 responses pop up as I'm writing this... I'd look to see if the front is identical, or if you can see how many stitches across the neck of the front is.  Then, I'd take a tailor's tape and make a loop the measurement of the front and back necklines, and make sure I could get that tape circle over my head.  

(I'm assuming yes).

I recommend (partly because I'd do it this way because I'm a little lazy and partly because I think it will look better) that you make the front next, and sew the shoulder seams.  THEN, make the turtleneck in the round, joining each round and turning at one of the shoulder seams.  It would look nicer if the collar didn't have 2 seams, and also allow the collar to be very slightly bigger, without a sewn seam.

If the neckline tape experiment answer is no, the tape doesn't go over your head, you may have to make modifications - we'll help if you need to, but hopefully the neckline is big enough.  I'm just recommending measuring now, to avoid ripping later.


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Clarification about the website linked above: The owner of the site does make mention on her site that the original patterns are public domain. Since she has made this claim, I am going to assume she has done her homework and has verified that.

Should a copyright holder come to me with information that some of the patterns are indeed still under copyright, I'll at that point remove the link to this site.

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