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Extra large rose help




I've been working on making this beautiful toque originally by Magic Doll, but I am now having difficulties with the flower. Every pattern I find isnt the right stitch/look. Would anyone happen to know a good pattern or video I could follow to recreate this? Any size is fine, I'll adjust to make it this large. Also, I'm looking for the red parts, the black parts seem to be a faux fur yarn she has added in. If I were more trusting of online shopping, I would gladly buy it, I find it stunning. I've included the link below as well as attached pictures.


Thank you!



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hi, welcome to the ville!

to me the details are kind of blurry but it looks like a pretty typical Irish crochet type multilayer rose, but with quite a few more layers than usual.  have you looked at those type of patterns?

or it could be the kind where you make a long strip of petals then wind it around forming a flower.  for this size, i guess that would need to be attached to some kind of base layer.  

more info about the patterns you've found and don't like would help.  otherwise we are likely to suggest the same things you already know you don't want.  

for what its worth, it looks to me like it would be difficult to actually wear since the flower will be rather heavy and pull the whole hat to that side, i think.  


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Welcome to the boards!

I agree the pictures are a bit fuzzy.  I do think it is the long strip type though.  The petals don't stack right for an Irish rose and you can kind of see the twisting in the center of the second photo.  I think you do one strip of red and one of black and twist them together.  Not sure though.  Here is a blog with photos on making the rose.  You will have to figure it out to make it larger.


Here is one with a video.


Hope that helps!  :)


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