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SOS...understanding this pattern...



Hey everyone! 

So I need some help understanding this pattern. This pattern isn't written very well and I've worked through figuring it out up to now but I think my brain is fried and I can't figure this out. 

Im making a hooded batman cape for a toddler and am stuck on the hat. I've increased up until row 7 and am stuck on row 8 (see picture of pattern). I don't understand what the writer of the pattern means by "SC in each single crochet around increasing 6 (16 for toddler) evenly spaced single crochet for a total of 50 (60 single crochets made)."  

I'm making this for a toddler and that "16" is confusing me. Can anyone help me with this? I've emailed the woman who made the pattern but haven't heard back yet and I'm in a time crunch :/ 

Thank you in advance! 


Here are the previous rows 6-9 written out (row8 is where I'm having problems):

"Row6: Sc in each of the 40 sc around.

Row7: Sc in each of the next 7 sc, make 2 sc in next sc around. (44 sc) note: do not make last sc increase on this round. Just sc in the last stitch. 

Row8: sc in each sc around increasing by 6 (16 for toddler) evenly spaced sc for a total of 50 (60 sc made).

Row9-18: (9-20 for toddler): chain 1, sc in eCh of the 50 (60 for toddler) sc around. 

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Hi, welcome to the ville!  

look at the stitch counts at the end of each round.  at the end of round 7 you have 44.  at the end of round 8 you have 60 for the toddler size.  to get to that number, it tells you to increase by 16 stitches in this round, spacing them evenly throughout the round.  to increase, you simply make 2 stitches into one stitch, just as you've been doing on the previous rounds.  (for what it's worth, this part at least seems pretty clearly written to me.)  Edit to add---the numbers in parentheses are for the second size, the toddler size; this is a pretty common way of writing patterns that have multiple sizes.  

You should take a look in the Town Hall section and review the site guidelines.  We really aren't supposed to post photos or scans of pattern pages as this violates the copyright of the pattern.  However, it is ok to type out a few lines of a pattern to get help with it.  

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Oh I didn't know that! I'm new to the site and haven't looked through it all yet. I'm so sorry! Thanks for letting me know though. I'll type it all out next time. 

Thank you for helping me understand this! I'm about to try out what you said now. I appreciate it! 

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