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Help with pattern



I'm relatively new to crochet, I purchased a DMC Crochet pattern, baby booties with an adorable motif on the front.

I'm struggling with the pattern and wondered if anyone could share some tips.

The pattern states 

Round 1 ........ and at the end slip stitch into the first stitch to join, no problem there however when i come to the next row

Round 2    chain 1, 2dc in same

This is where I'm getting stuck as the slip stich from row 1 is tight and i cant see where to put the needle to make the 2dc

I don't want to accept defeat just yet.

Thank you

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hi, welcome to the ville!  you shouldn't put those 2 stitches into the slip stitch.  they should go into the same stitch that you made the slip stitch into.  

also, are you aware there are 2 different systems of crochet stitch names in the English language?  One is used in the UK and Australia, and the  other in the US.  I think this may be in UK terms.  

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